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Dr. Nancy Fatimeh Phillips

Having many years of training in manual osteopathy, bio-dynamic cranial sacral and various other modalities specializing in the body. Her abilities have been influenced by some great teachers such as Ron Murray DO, Beau Hightower DC, and Don Smith her mentor of several years. Her mentorship training blessed her with the gifts of his knowledge and the osteopathic lineage from Dr. Holbert DO, Dr. Schooley DO, Dr. Roland Becker DO, and Buckminster Fuller to name a few.

She focuses on treating the entire body through the lens of neural orthopedics along with proper movement and flow of the “life-giving fluids” within the system. Vitaways is the term used in Naprapathic medicine to refer to these fluids. She is licensed by the New Mexico Medical Board as a doctor of naprapathic medicine.

Her journey into specializing in the mobility, motility, and function of the body began 2 decades ago. Tools in her toolbox include being a, certified yoga instructor, dance teacher, circus arts instructor, a licensed esthetician, and optician. As a lifelong learner, you can rely on her commitment & dedication to be ever expanding her knowledge of the body and incorporate new treatment options to facilitate the fortification and wellness of the patients she works with. Her philosophy is Results Count.

Naprapathic medicine is practiced in Finland, Norway Sweden, and America; Naprapathy utilizes structural manipulations of the musculoskeletal system, discs, ligaments, and joints, to create structural realignment, proper fluid flow, nerve impingement release, and softening scar tissue, to eliminate pain. In a person’s life, these structures are subject to become damaged due to long-term overuse, misuse or acute trauma.

The circumstances are that one side of the structure becomes rigid, buckled and shrunken while the other will be lax, stretched and strained. The practice also contains occupational therapy techniques, nutritional counseling, and exercise therapeutics. Naprapathic doctors treat the entire body vs. the center of pain only, rendering long-lasting results. Naprapathy, in the Swedish national health & medical care system, is the largest profession of specialized medicine. It’s licensed in the U.S., insurance reimbursements are similar to acupuncture, physical therapy, and chiropractic medicine.

 Dr. Nancy Fatimeh Phillips earned her doctorate degree from the Southwestern University of Naprapathic Medicine and undergraduate degree at the University of New Mexico.

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